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What I like about my accountants, Crunch

Ever since I set up my app development company, Swipe Stack Ltd I have had the pleasure of using Crunch as my accountants. Put simply, they are fantastic. But why do I think that you may ask. Well here are a few reasons why I like them so much.

Crunch, save time, save tax, save money

  1. They provide a very cheap service for forming a limited company. OK, it’s not that hard to set up a limited company but if you’re new to it all then this can be a bit daunting. Crunch have a sister company called GoLimited who can set up a company for you for just £13 inc. VAT. This is cheap for a company formation agency. A lot will charge you many times this amount.

  2. They are extremely quick at replying to queries. I usually email a couple of times each month about various little niggly questions I have. For example how I should go about getting paid from the US for some work in a tax effective manner. One of my dedicated team of accountants will reply to me within a day or two and tell me in-depth information about the best way of going about my business. I guess that one major reason people would be hesitant of Crunch is that they feel they won’t be able to get hold of anyone who knows them personally. This is truly not the case. When I deal with them I feel they remember me completely even though I am just one person in a big list of their clients. Their accountants and account managers really do a great job of remembering me!

  3. Their online book keeping software is excellent. One of the doubts I had about Crunch was the fact that they used their own bespoke online software for bookkeeping. This means that you personally have to enter your invoices and expenses and then they do the rest from the data you give them. This can sound like a lot of work compared to just dumping your invoices and receipts in a shoe box to your accountants. But really, the Crunch online software is fantastic. Entering an invoice or an expense is very easy and you get profit & loss reports at the click of a button to give you up-to-date information about you business.

  4. They integrate with my bank. A brilliant feature introduced since I signed up to Crunch is the ability to link my HSBC bank account directly. They do this through a third party company which then sends on the transactions that happen in my account directly into Crunch. This makes life so much easier as I can quickly reconcile every transaction in my bank account with my invoices & expenses. This helps me keep on top of incomings and outgoings.

They’re just a few reasons why I like Crunch so much, but I do urge you to give them a try if you’re thinking of changing accountants or setting up a new business. They have a free trial period in which you can make full use of their software and talk to them about how they can help you.

Crunch, save time, save tax, save money