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iOS 7 by Tutorials

The team has been hard at work after WWDC, once again, to bring this year’s “by tutorials” book. This year it’s, of course, iOS 7 by Tutorials. And today I can announce that we have finally been able to release it now that Apple’s iOS 7 NDA has been released!

iOS 7 by Tutorials

The book covers a ridiculous number of things. Here’s the outline (with the chapters I wrote in bold):

  • Designing for iOS 7
  • UIKit Dynamics
  • Custom View Controller Transitions
  • Text Kit
  • Transitioning to iOS 7
  • What’s New in Xcode 5
  • What’s New in Objective-C and Foundation
  • Unit Testing in Xcode 5
  • Beginning Source Control in Xcode 5
  • Beginning Continuous Integration in Xcode 5
  • Networking with NSURLSession
  • Multitasking
  • JavaScriptCore Framework
  • AirDrop
  • Peer-to-Peer Connectivity
  • Inter-App Audio
  • What’s New in AVFoundation
  • What’s New in MapKit
  • What’s New in Core Location
  • What’s New in PassKit
  • Bonus: Introduction to iAd

Also, there is what we’re calling an “iOS 7 Feast”. This is a whole load of free stuff from site including tutorials, updated tutorials and even some stuff we’re giving away!