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Book review -- Learning iOS Design: A Hands-On Guide for Programmers and Designers

Design is something that most developers have to do these days. If you’re an indie developer then you’re likely going to need to do the full UX/UI dance yourself. Even if you’re working for a company with a UX/UI team, then you will probably find yourself talking about UX/UI from time to time.

Understanding UX/UI is therefore extremely important.

I had the fortune to be able to review a great book about iOS design. It’s called “Learning iOS Design: A Hands-On Guide for Programmers and Designers”.

And here is my review:

First off – this book is a truly great read.

Most iOS developers will at some point have to do their own design work. That is unless > you’re extremely lucky and have a designer sitting next to you when you’re working on your own projects. If you’re like me, then UX and UI does not come naturally. This book fills in that gap nicely. It delves deep into the scary world of UX and UI and gives some really useful tips. I’ve always done wireframes, but the tips in this book really helped understand what they’re really for. Also I particularly enjoyed the discussion on typography and visual weight.

The third part of the book is all about finding a balance for your own apps. This was a great read to see why and when to use certain patterns. A lot of this content really made me think about my own designs. I shall certainly be flicking back through this in the future when I need inspiration or a reality check.

Overall, a great book. I recommend it for any iOS developer.

I recommend this book to anyone who does any iOS design at all. It’s a valuable resource!

You can buy the book directly from Pearson here: