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iOS 6 by Tutorials

For the past few months (since WWDC) I’ve been co-authoring a fantastic book called iOS 6 by Tutorials. And today I can announce that we have finally been able to release it now that Apple’s iOS 6 NDA has been released!

iOS 6 by Tutorials

The book covers a ridiculous number of things. Here’s the outline (with the chapters I wrote in bold):

  • Modern Objective-C
  • Auto Layout
  • UICollectionView
  • Passbook
  • In-App Purchase
  • Social Framework
  • Challenges with GameKit
  • Attributed Strings
  • State Preservation and Restoration
  • What’s New with Cocoa Touch
  • What’s New with Storyboards
  • What’s New with UI Customisation
  • What’s New with MapKit
  • What’s New with EventKit
  • What’s New with CoreImage
  • Automated Testing
  • Accessibility
  • Secrets of Info.plist

The book weighs in at over 1500 pages so it’s well worth the money. In fact for a short time it’s worth it even more since it’s on sale at only $44! Grab it now before it goes up in price.

Also, there is what we’re calling an “iOS 6 Feast”. This is a whole load of free stuff from site including tutorials, updated tutorials and even some stuff we’re giving away!