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App Store Rejection - Bad Age Rating?!

So I released an update to BeerMap a couple of weeks ago. This was version 2.0 which was going to be a huge release which I really wanted to happen before Christmas and that’s why I spent 2 months perfecting it and released it with 3 weeks to go until Christmas which I assumed would be fine. Sadly, I was wrong.

Apple first started reviewing the app a week ago, after just 5 days of being “waiting for review” (I can tell this from server logs because the app is designed around a web services – It then took over a week for Apple to come back and tell me that the app had been rejected because they thought the app needed a 17+ rating. It currently is in the app store at a 12+ rating for “mild alcohol references” but they thought it needed “strong alcohol references”.

So, my questions are these:

  1. Why did they feel the need for the sudden change in rating?

  2. Why did I have to resubmit the app even though the problem was with the rating and not the actual app.