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Multiple Developer Certificates

I had the need to code sign using a different developer accounts and my initial thoughts were that it was going to be tricky. But it seems that Apple have actually made it easy now!

The problem comes that during code-sign, it searches for certificates by the name, which leads to “iPhone Developer: Matthew Galloway” matching both certificates you have installed (one for each developer account). But Apple have at some point changed their certificate signing process and they add a number of the end of the common name on the certificate. This means that each certificate is unique even if it’s for the same physical developer.

One thing to note is that I used the same private key to generate the CSR for both certificates. I’m not sure what the implications would be for using separate private keys, but I can’t imagine it would make a difference.

I guess Apple had to do this really because lots of companies would have ended up with problems I’m sure.

So for anyone wondering if they can use multiple developer certificates, then just go for it, it should work!