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Almost reached my next monetary target!

I estimate I am between 2 and 4 days from reaching my next monetary target which I set myself for my apps. To mark this occasion I have decided to do something which Malcolm Barclay talked about at the last iPhone and Smartphone Publishers and Developers meet up. It’s nothing too exciting, just I want to give it a try!

In other news I currently have 5, yes FIVE, apps in review with Apple. I’ve been quite busy over the past couple of weeks as I’ve been between jobs. I’ve released updates to 4 apps (another update to Subnet Calc Pro off the back of comments from users) and 1 completely new app which will be interesting for anyone out there who uses a Zen Internet broadband connection!

I’m continually impressed by Apple’s ability to keep the iPhone platform going so strong. It would be interesting to try doing it full time, but I don’t want to take that risk at the moment as I can’t guarantee I’d have enough money coming in and I actually am very much looking forward to starting my new job on Monday!

UPDATE: Well I reached it! And I have now almost reached my next target! I also have released the app for Zen broadband customers, it’s called ZeBbUs (Zen Broadband Usage) and it lets you know how much of your Zen broadband plan you have used this month.