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First Subnet Calc Pro Review

Subnet Calc Pro has now been out for just over a month and I can safely say that it’s had a lot more uptake than I thought it would! It’s not been massive in sales, but the best thing is that it has been steady. It’s not going to mean I can quit my day job, but it has meant I feel rewarded for my hard work of learning a whole new programming language, fighting through Apple’s tax forms and releasing an application.

I hadn’t had any reviews of Subnet Calc Pro, but I was using AppViz today and I noticed a review! I thought, oh it’ll just be a short one, but no, it was a full blown review! Awesome! And better still, it’s a glowing 5-star review which I thank you (whoever you are) very much for :-D.

The funniest bit of the review was where he says:

The only con I can see is “Organizer” is misspelled as “Organiser,” but no big deal. The concept is still there.

And if the only con is that I’m English and therefore, speak English, then woo!

Here is the review in full:

I must admit, I was initially skeptical when I saw this advertised. I immediately thought “oh, another subnet calculator, how novel.” Upon downloading and trying it out, I was amazed at it’s capabilities.

Pros: 1) Organizer – solid understanding of the radix (or binary if you prefer) tree when creating the subnet entry. Also the ability for it to calculate and display the host portion of the ip address so you can add a hostname and a description to each is a very nice touch. The use of the iPhone’s memory is also very efficient.

2) Finder – finally, an application that can aggregate! This excited me the most and it does work and give you an accurate prefix. Now, granted, any network admin is able to create a prefix summary in 2 seconds, but this is actually nice and convenient. In addition, you also get other useful info such as network id, broadcast, usable range, etc.

3) Calculator – handy feature to quickly help you break down any ip address with your cidr selection into the same useful information such as network id, subnet mask, usable range, maximum number of hosts, etc. Even better is you can see the addresses broken down into both binary and hexidecimal addresses which are both handy in their own rights.

4) Email data export – handy when you want to send a summary of what you had added in the organizer section.

The only con I can see is “Organizer” is misspelled as “Organiser,” but no big deal. The concept is still there.

Future suggestions (if the developer is taking any): -calculate binary and/or hexidecimal to decimal format. -Add screenshot to show off the Finder selection when advertising within iTunes. -shorten the application’s name on the iPhone home screen. Currently, it shows as “Subne…cPro.”

Overall, a very nice job!

So, I immediately jumped on the review and I’ve changed the screenshots around to show the finder, which I had previously omitted from the screenshots (you only get chance to put a total of 5 up and I didn’t have room, but now the finder has taken priority over another one). I know I should make the application name shorter, but I didn’t know how I could shorten it really – any ideas? SCPro maybe?