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Since starting my iPhone SDK programming, I have always found online tutorials very useful and extremely helpful in getting certain problems ironed out. So I decided to create some of my own tutorials in order to perhaps help out other people with problems I encountered and managed to find my way around.

  • Custom UITableViewCell in Interface Builder

    This tutorial guides you through creating a UITableView and creating a couple of custom UITableViewCell objects in Interface Builder. This is something which many people have been struggling with previously and I certainly found it tricky to implement.

  • iOS Library with Resources

    I often have to create a library project for iOS which includes some resources (images, NIBs, etc) and I found it hard to understand exactly how to do that at first. After lots of digging through documentation I finally came up with a decent solution. This tutorial shows you how to do it.

  • View Controller Hierarchy in Interface Builder

    This is a mini-tutorial showing how Interface Builder can be used to successfully build up a view controller hierarchy Interface Builder. Lots of people claim this is easier to do programatically but I decided to figure out how to do it properly in Interface Builder and I decided it’s just as easy and possibly more intuitive.

  • Singleton Classes

    This is a quick tutorial on how to make and use a singleton class, an extremely widely used and powerful design pattern.

I also write for the excellent Ray Wenderlich so be sure to check that out for tonnes of excellent tutorials.