Matt Galloway

My home on the 'net.


I have a lot of projects over at GitHub and I have released a few apps of my own into the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Subnet Calc

The very first app that I made for the iPhone is Subnet Calc. It is a handy app which allows you to perform all the relevant calculations on an IPv4 subnet. I also have created a pro version of the app called Subnet Calc Pro which is has a lot more features than the free version such as being able to calculate the minimal subnet enclosing a list of IPs. Handy!


BeerMap is an app I created with a couple of friends available for both iOS and Android. It’s an app that provides crowd-sourced data of beer reviews so that you can find great beer wherever you are!


This is the place I stash a lot of my random tidbits of Objective-C code. There’s a stack implementation there and also a handy mutable array which keeps itself sorted. I try to make tests for everything I create as well.

GitHub link


This is the class I use whenever I need to perform HTTP requests in my apps. It’s great because it handles all of the POST-ing for you. It is designed such that you subclass it and hook into the various callbacks for pre- and post-processing of the request and response data. Give it a try and send any pull requests my way.

GitHub link


I don’t require payment for any of the code I have released into the wild, but if you’d like to donate to me for whatever reason then you do so through PayPal: