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How to market an iPhone app?

Since releasing Subnet Calc Pro three days ago, I have been checking my sales stats each day. I released it at £2.39 / $3.99 because I figured it’s quite a niche application and there’s plenty of 59p / 99c ones out there which are just a copy of Subnet Calc – i.e. not including all the extra features of Subnet Calc Pro. I’m not really sure where to go with the application because I have sold 6 copies in 2 full days of sales and I know it’s very early, but this is kind of what I expected to be honest. I’ve done absolutely no marketing so I am just going on people finding it themselves on the App Store.

So I’m now considering what I should do regarding marketing… should I do some advertising? Subnet Calc was reviewed by Softpedia as an app which “you’ll have remorse not paying for”, so perhaps I should contact them. Or maybe even I should use promotional codes to try getting some decent reviews.

Any comments, ideas, advice anyone?