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Quick Pass: An iPhone app in 2 hours 40 minutes!

At the company I work for, Senokian, we have been working on Operation Canine for the past 2 days which aims to be project which we design and code within 3 days – the final day is tomorrow. When I got home from work today I decided to undertake a similar task for the iPhone – I decided to see if I could design, code and submit an application within an evening.

My first hurdle was to decide what application to code. I’d had a few ideas previously and thought that my idea for a password generator would be a fairly straightforward task to create within the evening. It’s not so much that I wanted to create a complicated app within the evening, but more to see just how quick a simple (but hopefully useful) app can be made. Quick Pass is designed to be a tool for system administrators to generate multiple passwords and then they can use these by either copying from the screen, or by emailing the generated passwords to themselves.

I started off with a fresh XCode project, using the navigation based application template. From here it was easy to make the code which handled the table to display the controls and passwords. I used UITableViewCells in Interface Builder to enable me to create the cells with a slider and the cell with buttons.

Well, basically, I managed to put it all together and submit using iTunes Connect in 2 hours and 40 minutes… not bad I thought! I’ll post again when I’ve heard back from Apple regarding release!

QuickPass Screenshot 1