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Subnet Calc Update

Well Apple still havn’t accepted my contract for free applications so Subnet Calc is still stuck in the queue for approval. The actual application itself has been approved, it’s just waiting for the contract phase now. I guess that Apple have a lot of contracts to process at the moment, so that’s why it’s taking so long. At least once I’ve gone through this once I won’t have to do it again for other applications / updates, that is until I come to want to make “paid-for” applications and then have to get a different contract processed.

Back on the development front, I’ve pretty well finished the second version of Subnet Calc. This one allows you to save subnets which you have created and then reload them whenever you want. I’ve been having a few issues with working out how best to layout the process of saving / creating / loading subnet definitions, but I think I’ve come to a process which should hopefully be easy to work out for users.

So, fingers crossed that Apple approve my contract soon!